a glimpse of a work in progress

The camera stops moving a few feet before them but the jokes are unheard; the only sound at the moment is the noise of the film projector ticking again. He then pauses for a moment, look towards the camera but doesn’t really seem to see it. It’s as if he’s looking straight through it at something else. He’s not laughing anymore. The camera starts moving and passes next to him as he stares at it while everyone else is just laughing. It goes through the corridor now, passes the first, second, third rooms, and finally turns left to enter room 207.

Positive thought

It’s finally paying off… isn’t it?

It’s dark and I don’t see anything, at first it’s so quite that I can feel the sound of my breath filling the room, and then I hear the sound of a film reel ticking faster and faster on a film projector as it all gets bright. It’s a warm and sunny day; through the screen I see the stone stairway that leads to the entrance of my college. The scene starts with the camera going down the big stairway where a lot of students are either going up or down the stairs in hurry or just hanging out talking or eating. Nobody seems to notice the camera, nobody looks at it, is it me? But they look like they’re ignoring it while it keeps going down, I see Mariam and Mariam and I hear them talking about Sarah’s wedding and how in this moment she’s on the plane heading to Italy for her honeymoon. It couldn’t be me; Sarah’s wedding was in August, specifically on my first day of class at WashU!

… to be continued

Eyes like springs

Yes I am fucking full of fucking drama, and that’s because I fucking care

fucking period.

If only

I only I could pause time to read a thousand books, watch a thousand movies, then continue with my life..

Good Sign?

Just made up with the most amazing person alive after a long stupid fight.. My heart is aching again :/

15 days left

Washington D.C here I come !

craving pancakes..